Black Rock Shooter Episode 3

After the events of last week’s episode, Kagari seems to be acting more normal, and Mato and Yomi are becoming good friends. At school, Mato witnesses her basketball team captain, Arata Kohata, giving a love letter to a boy. Mato goes to a training camp with the basketball team, but Yomi starts to get jealous of Mato’s friend Yuu.

Kohata’s love letter is posted on the bulletin board at school, which causes everyone to start ridiculing her. In the alternate world, Black Rock Shooter confronts the enemy from last week (I guess it’s Black Gold Saw). She finds who I can only assume is the alternate world form of Kohata, then ends up cutting off her head. Kohata then collapses in the real world.

As I figured, there was something off with the ending of last week’s episode. Yomi still seems to have some unresolved issues, likely symbolized by her getting sealed away last week in the chasm. And I guess the counselor is evil? She seems to be linked to mystery enemy woman from the alternate world.

So when I watched the movie for Black Rock Shooter, it seemed like the alternate world and the real world were more separated, with Yomi disappearing into the alternate world and Mato going after her. This rendition seems to put the two worlds  side-by-side in a sort of parallel universe style. Honestly, I kinda liked the movie’s approach better. Anyways, it looks like another battle next week? The alternate world took the back seat this week, so there really wasn’t much action. I look forward to watching a good battle next week.

6 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter Episode 3”

  1. I think the creators assume that the viewers had seen the OVA and knows that the two worlds are connected. Anyway, this episode episode is pretty much a filler for Black Rock Shooter’s other self.


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