Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 19

This week’s episode starts off with Nonoha finding Gammon’s sister, Sakanoue Miharu, with Kaito, as she is worried about her brother. Meanwhile, Gammon arrives at the POG HQ to become a Giver and ends up challenging the other Givers. He ends up changing the Givers’ puzzles before solving them with ease. Next up is Bishop, who gives him a racing bike sort of puzzle as a test.

Meanwhile, Elena tells Daimon and Nonoha that Gammon has gone to the POG, asking them to convince him to come back. Despite Bishop’s taunting, Gammon still defeats him. The episode ends with Gammon being accepted by Rook, and being told that he is able to solve the Divine Puzzle without the armband that Kaito has.

This puzzle's actually pretty easy to solve. Much easier than it looks.
Oh Elena. You’re so hopelessly tsundere for Gammon. Anyways, the show seems to be taking a more battle-oriented approach with these past few puzzles. I’m not sure if I really like that because the beauty of the puzzle is the battle between puzzle and solver. It’s almost like the giver becomes a second solver and two solvers battle it out with the puzzle as an intermediary.

But that’s besides the point. Gammon seems to be shaping up to be some sort of final hurdle for Kaito before he reaches Rook. Had a pretty crazy evil laugh. Something also seems to be up with Kaito’s armband after how he activated it against Gammon. I’m sure that will come up next week, which I assume is another battle between Gammon and Kaito.

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