Another Episode 6

So the conversation from last week is interrupted by Mei’s mother, who is introduced to Kouichi. Kouichi asks the big question everyone seems to have, which is why they chose to ignore two people. Mei responds that they probably thought it wouldn’t work to tell him to start ignoring her since he’d already met her. Mei also tells Kouichi the story of her left eye, which she lost to a tumor when she was four. Back at school, Misaki and Kouichi start to hang out more and talk.

They go to talk with the librarian, who tells them that the school records and student memories change, so they can’t be used to find the dead student. Kouichi asks about his mother, and the librarian tells him that she died during a year when the curse was occurring. He asks Reiko about it, but she is unable to remember. The next day, the homeroom teacher for class 3 pulls out a knife in front of the class as the episode ends.

So Mei and Kouichi talking so much about the things they’ll do together someday makes me think one of them will die. Kouichi seems to be telling the story to someone in flashback in the first episode, so I think maybe it will be Mei (sad as it is for me to say). Also, I wouldn’t surprised if alternatively, Kouichi is the dead student (a little boring of a prediction, but still possible).

I’m glad it’s not so simple as checking the roster. Supernatural or not, good to know it’s intelligent. I also wonder just how involved Kouichi’s mother is in the whole incident. Maybe she’s even the dead student. The librarian seems to have cleared my suspicion radar for now. Based on what the teacher was saying, I’m thinking he’s going to kill himself next week. Should make things weird. I’ll end with a question: is that the first time Mei’s smiled in this show? O.o

12 thoughts on “Another Episode 6”

  1. Mei smiled and it was cute. It seems like the teacher is going to off himself in front of the class. It means they will need a new teacher and if it’s the librarian he is so going to die.

    I get the feeling either Kouichi or Mei will die in the end too. Maybe even both of them will, that would be an interesting twist.


    1. yup…definitely looks like suicide. The blood splatter looked like it came from the very front of the room.

      I really should be careful about predicting death…we saw what it did to Hare….


      1. Oh yeah that is very true. If we talk too much about his aunt dying maybe she will die. *cough* YAY *cough*

        Still I’d hate to see Mei die, unless she becomes a ghost or even the “extra dead” student as some sort of twist. It’s very possible they defeat the curse but then die and become it.


        1. I’d hate to see Mei die too T_T but I have confidence in this show for the time being

          also, I forgot to mention that I have a theory. Kouichi and Mei, despite being ignored by the class, still acknowledge each other, so the curse continues


          1. That’s a good theory. But to be honest I think frail art boy keeps acknowledging them enough to keep the curse going at this point. That kid is hopeless.

            If they did kill Mei she wouldn’t be gone for good she’d probably haunt them. Her doll eye’s power still confuses me. Maybe that will be explained soon.


  2. I have the feeling that Koichi is already dead and he died a couple of years ago. His father asked how it was to be back in Yomiyama and Koichi didn’t recall ever being there. Then the cell phone started breaking up. This is not the first time someone has mentioned Koichi being there before. And since memories change regarding the dead person, they can never recall who it is. I definitely think the teacher is going to kill himself. Not sure why he would do it in front of the class but wouldn’t be any fun if he didn’t


    1. After doing some thinking, I’m going to change to it’s his aunt being dead. She acted suspiciously a few episodes ago as if she were ill. She doesn’t seem to remember anything dealing with the school. She didn’t discuss anything with Koichi regarding the deaths when she was the homeroom teacher in 1996. The grandfather cried “Poor Reiko!” right after crying “Poor Ritsuko!” as if they were both dead. His grandfather has also mentioned “so many deaths, so many funerals, I’m so tired of death.”


        1. The librarian made a point to mention that the assistant homeroom teacher could die. Then he lamented that he couldn’t believe they made her the assistant homeroom teacher again. This is why I am enjoying this show. It’s allowing me to make theories and that hasn’t happened in a while outside of Steins;Gate. I missed being this excited about an anime.


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