Nisemonogatari Episode 6

So after the big ending to last week’s episode, Karen’s fever only goes down a little and Koyomi looks unfazed. He ends up running into Mayoi and telling her about Karen’s condition. They then talk about bit about adulthood before Koyomi goes to see Hitagi. He finds Hitagi preparing to confront Kaiki and insists on going with her.

She initially refuses, saying that she hates Kaiki for separating her parents, so it doesn’t concern Koyomi. However, Koyomi manages to convince her otherwise (with love of all things). Unfortunately, Koyomi returns home to find that Karen has gone missing. Shinobu appears to help and Koyomi sends her to find Karen.

Pretty good episode as usual. Shinobu acting tsundere and Hitagi strangely under the beck and call of Hanekawa. We also have the explanation for Hitagi’s impending haircut, as an attempt to move forward like Hanekawa. Should I be scared? I really like how Shinobu’s character has changed. It definitely makes things interesting. Next week is looking like an arc-ender…maybe? Bakemonogatari had so many shorter arcs, and they’re breaking the pattern for what looks like much longer arcs. Still, it’s a pretty nice thing to see.

5 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari Episode 6”

  1. I seen one the special trailers for the series and Senjougahara with her hair trimmed just looks weird. Also could not helped but laugh at her reaction when they were talking about Hanekawa. She must have some awful bullying tactics XD


  2. And still we don’t get any share of the sisters this week as well. I don’t mind a bit of Hitagi though…:P

    Hopefully next week this arc will end so that we can dedicate to the smaller one…:O


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