Guilty Crown Episode 16

This week’s episode starts off with Argo sneaking into Tokyo to extract Arisa for her grandfather. He runs into a bunch of students, who end up taking him to Shu after realizing he is a member of Funeral Parlor. Shu coldly leaves Souta to die, but Argo tries to go down and save him. Shu stops him, trying to force him to join up with him, but Argo refuses and is detained. Tsugumi fills Argo in on the situation and helps him escape.

Shu and Argo end up fighting and Shu gets owned. However, a section of the roof falls and destroys a girl’s Void, and she dies in the same manner as Hare. Shu then realizes that Yahiro has kept this from him, but kills Argo anyway. Also, Arisa, who tries to tell everyone about the Voids, is killed by Inori.

You’re kidding me. They’re resurrecting dead characters. What the heck? Gai is resurrected at the end of the episode by Haruka and Mana seems to live on in Inori (I predicted that, but it’s still annoying). I’m sorry, but I really hate the idea of resurrecting characters. In my eye, it devalues their death scene. It begs the question “why kill them in the first place?” They better have something good planned to cover for that.

Also, Shu’s gone from wimpy guy I want to stab to mentally insane guy that I still want to stab. Why would you listen to Yahiro? That guy’s clearly nuts. And what kind of evil laugh was that? Shu basically found out that the very reason that he is the most important person in the school is making them completely vulnerable. It almost seems like he killed Argo because he didn’t want people to dethrone him.

Also, something to note. It looks like Funeral Parlor may be forced to fight against their former ally Shu. Similar to how the Black Knights had to fight against a certain former ally. Anyways, I’m gonna stop ranting. This is just ridiculous…and bad for my heart. It’s not that I hate this show…it just would have been a lot better if I hadn’t seen it before.

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