Black Rock Shooter Episode 2

Picking up from last week, Black Rock Shooter continues the fight in the alternate world while Mato tries to go to the summer festival with Yomi. However, Yomi never shows up, forced to stay home with Kagari. At school, Mato ends up getting angry with Yomi, but later regrets it after talking with the counselor. She goes to Yomi’s house to apologize, but Yomi is again stopped by Kagari, falling down the stairs to stop her. At the hospital, Yomi’s mother reveals that Kagari’s paralysis is mentally-induced.

Mato tries to force herself into Kagari’s room, which causes Kagari to freak out. Desperate, Yomi calls out to Mato for advice, and finally stands up to Kagari. In the alternate world, Yomi and Mato try to force Kagari out, but they are stopped by a fourth person (in red). She then seals Yomi away and then Mato “kills” Kagari. Back in the real world, Mato finally enters the hospital room and Kagari smiles as the episode ends.

Not really sure what to make of this. Did this scene mean that Kagari is back to being a normal girl now? Or is it something more sinister? The alternate world definitely didn’t make it look like a good ending. The battle was alright in this episode. While it didn’t look bad, there was nothing that really stood out. The robot was shooting out macaroons for crying out loud. We’re already a quarter of the way through the show. At least two more characters need to be introduced and I think there’s more to this story, so we’ll wait and find out.


5 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter Episode 2”

  1. what?
    nothing stood out?
    man…If Hiroyuki Imaishi going wild doesn´t impress you, I can only feel sad for you, very few things in anime action will…


    1. It was beyond awesome. I could only think that someone is lying or the fact that they didn’t take this anime seriously for saying that nothing stood out. That is just my opinion. Well base on 95% of the people they love it. Guess some didn’t like it for the pacing? It was too fast.


  2. The macaroon part was absolutely hilarious to me, although I’m not sure if the writers intended it to be or not. I did enjoy the action, although it is rather fast-paced.


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