Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 18

Strangely enough, this week’s episode starts of with an introduction to Gammon’s sister, who points out that he’s really good at making puzzles as well as solving them. Back at school, everyone is avoiding Kaito other than Nonoha and Jikukawa takes on the role of the headmaster in his absence. Gammon meets with Nonoha and Kaito, asking Kaito to stay away from Nonoha to keep her safe.

When he refuses, Gammon challenges Kaito to solve one of his puzzles. Kaito activates his armband, but rather than ruthlessly killing Gammon by solving the puzzle, he stops himself and Gammon leaves. Gammon then resolves to become a POG Giver as the episode ends.

A nice episode. Gammon being a Giver came almost out of nowhere, but it was nice that they referenced the earlier episodes. The puzzle was definitely cool, but it was weird see that battle style of puzzle. Gammon sets himself up as an enemy and I almost wonder why. Maybe he has a plan or maybe Kaito will have to force him back. Something’s also got to happen to Nonoha soon…wonder what it will be.

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