Another Episode 5

So after the tragic death of Mizuno last week, this week’s episode starts off with Mei strangely coming to class. Kouichi is questioned about Mizuno’s death by the police, but they don’t really suspect him of anything. He walks home with a couple of his classmates, and one of them decides that he will ignore Akazawa and tell Kouichi what he wants to know, but dies from a heart attack when he tries to tell Kouichi about Mei.

Back at school, everyone starts to ignore Kouichi. Kouichi goes back to the doll store to talk with Mei, realizing that he is now the same as her. Mei takes Kouichi to her home above the doll store and tells him that the strange deaths each month start occurring whenever the class size increases by one. She then reveals that the class found that by treating one member of the class as though they don’t exist, they can avoid the deaths.

Hah!! Mei is normal! I knew it! So I’m gonna try to summarize everything to see if I understand correctly. Basically, each year, there’s always an extra student in Class 3 because a dead student has rejoined the class. Because of this extra student, people start to die every month for a year. In order to stop this, the students must pretend one student in the class doesn’t exist to return the number of students to normal. Mei is chosen as the student, but if one of the students acknowledges her existence, they will die.

Also, Kouichi’s arrival increased the class size once again, so he has been chosen to be ignored as well to keep the class size the same again. That’s some twisted stuff, but I figured it was something going on in the class and not Mei doing all of the evil stuff. Now, it looks like Kouichi and Mei must work together to find the dead student and save Class 3…how interesting! I really enjoy this show a lot and I look forward to watching it every week. It’s just so much fun!

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