Persona 4 Episode 17

While the girls make a tactical retreat against the weird beam of Naoto’s Shadow, Kanji and Yu stay behind to fight. However, Yu and Kuma both get hit by the aging beam. Naoto starts to accept her fate at the hands of the Shadow, but Kanji continues to fight. Kuma summons his Persona and uses it to return the three of them back to their normal age.

Yu then performs a hexagon spread fusion and creates Beelzebub, who finishes off the Shadow with Megidolaon. Naoto then finally accepts her Shadow and gains her Persona. Back at school, Naoto discusses the case with everyone, as she remembered the detail of her capture unlike everyone else. She also concludes that Kubo was only a copycat killer.

Margaret tells the story of Jack Frost before randomly mispronouncing the name. What’s up with that? Also, Naoto’s voice gets higher after she is saved. I didn’t remember her Persona being so big either…Anyway, I wasn’t expecting Megidolaon being so flashy >.> I know it’s Almighty damage and everything, but holy crap was that serious. I guess this week’s battle was meant to showcase Rise’s analysis ability (I wish it did that in the game) and Kuma’s Persona. It really looks like they’ll be exploring Kanji’s relationship with Naoto, which I definitely like. Next week, tragedy will strike, but we will be one step closer to the culprit. I hope you’re ready for it.

5 thoughts on “Persona 4 Episode 17”

  1. I’m still fairly positive about this series, they are not going to make anyone die (it’s a series too light-hearted), so probably your tragedy is just a temporary “twist” in the story that I’ll be very careful not to think too much about it. 😛


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