Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 17

So everyone returns to Japan to find that the principal has mysteriously disappeared. Kaito gets a message from the POG simply showing an image of the puzzle that killed his parents. He goes to the puzzle, and realizes that it was actually a Fools’ Puzzle. He is greeted by none other than the principal, who reveals that Kaito’s parents were actually POG Givers and not his real parents.

However, the principal decides to defy the POG and tell Kaito everything. He reveals that Kaito’s parents took on the Fools’ Puzzle in order to save Kaito, who was originally supposed to challenge it. Kaito refuses to believe him at first, but he shows him a video that proves that Kaito’s parents loved him. Kaito responds by activating the armband and solving the Fools’ Puzzle.

Interesting plot twist here. The show’s starting to reach the end, so I guess Kaito will soon mount an attack against the POG to rescue Jin and confront Rook. Rook once again drops his calm demeanor in this episode, somehow confused about the love that Kaito’s parents showed him. If we consider that “program” comment from that earlier episode, it’s looking more and more like he’s a puzzle-giving robot. Although, the whole “what is love” thing is kinda cliche, don’t you think? Next week looks like a lighter episode, with some sort of costume party.

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