Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 2

So it seems like I’m going to post about this show for a while. So, Sora is clearly still embarrassed about having been seen by Yuuta while changing, which she displays in a tsundere manner. After many amusing antics, Yuuta’s sister asks him to take care of everyone for a week while they go on a business trip. When they leave, the girls give Yuuta a bit of a tour of the house and set some rules (lol).

From there, it’s mostly a bunch of cute scenes with the girls and Yuuta getting used to taking care of them. But things take a turn for the worst when the airplane the girls’ parents were on crashes. Sora, Miu, and Hina are told they are to be separated, much to their dismay. Yuuta remembers his sister choosing to take care of him to prevent separation as well, so he offers to take care of the girls.

Not exactly how I predicted this would happen…I didn’t expect it to be so cheesy >.> But still, I guess it works. The atmosphere seemed to suggest that the parents were both dead, but the synopsis for the show only says “missing” which leads me to believe they’re both still alive for a final happy ending.

Great scenes from Miu…she’s a nice source of comedy and energy. Some good scenes from Haruhi- err, Sora as well. I guess this is the point when the show goes slice-of-life? I don’t really see how much more plot they can throw in. Oh well, I’ll keep watching for the entertaining antics.


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