Rinne no Lagrange Episode 2

Ok, so this week’s episode immediately quells some unsettling questions that last week’s episode gave me. First off, the mecha are apparently called Ovids, not just robots. Also, they do have cockpits for the pilots…they just didn’t look that way at first. Anyways, Madoka’s Ovid turns out to be some legendary weapon named Vox Aura. Apparently, Madoka has achieved something called Memoria with Vox, which basically links the machine to her signature.

While wandering around lost, Madoka meets Muginami, the final main character. However, Madoka is put right back into battle. Still a newbie, Madoka is getting owned in battle. Lan tries to go out and help, but she is stopped by Moid. Things aren’t looking good for Madoka, but she gets a call from Youko, who manages to motivate her to victory. However, another enemy appears to flank Madoka as the episode ends.

So it looks like everything is set up for Lan to jump into the battle next week. I like her character, maybe a bit more than Madoka. I’m guessing Muginami is supposed to be the airhead? We’re also introduced to the mysterious Moid, who I’m guessing has his own agenda in the background. I still don’t understand the nature of the enemies, but I’m sure that will be explained soon.

Everything in this show seems very fast-paced. I wonder if there will be a point where they take a step back and explain everything that’s happening. Also, the battle this week was super uninteresting. Come on…you have a cool GN-X replica and it just flies around a bit before getting shot down? I hope the battles get more intense in the future. Still not completely sure what to make of this show, but will continue to watch.

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