Chihayafuru Episode 14

So yeah…remember that girl from the shrine last week? Turns out she’s the Queen, and the youngest one ever at that. Chihaya wants to win quickly and watch the Queen, but the Queen finishes too quickly for that. In the second round, Chihaya gets her wish though, as she’s playing against the Queen. So what’s the Queen’s strength? Her movements are so fast that she doesn’t have to have the reaction speed that Chihaya has (not to say her reaction is slow).

Chihaya starts to lose hope, but when a random spectator turns off the lights on accident, Chihaya notices Taichi and the adviser watching her. Chihaya then remembers the feeling when she played Arata and manages to take a card from the Queen’s side, giving away her Chihayafuru card and immediately taking it in the next round.

So most of the stuff in this episode was fairly predictable, but I guess it was okay. I highly doubt Chihaya will make a full comeback, but she’ll probably annoy the Queen a bit. And she’ll probably take a few more cards before she loses. I guess this is the Akira situation from Hikaru no Go, where the Queen seems so powerful, but really wants a friend to play with or something. I’m curious to see how it will turn out.

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