Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 1

This show seems to have been fairly anticipated. I was expecting simple slice of life, but the show starts off with the main character being thrown off a bridge and then waking up at home unscathed. Things cool down a bit and we’re introduced to our main character, Kaito Kirishima, who’s apparently into making videos. On the way to school, he notices a girl from her red hair, who is later introduced as a transfer student Takatsuki Ichika.

She’s immediately swarmed by the class, but everyone is scared off by Yamano Remon, who then befriends Ichika. Kaito is introduced to Ichika at lunch by his friend Ishigaki Tetsuro, who also asks her to be in a film with them. Ichika agrees, and Remon also decides to join. On his way home, Kaito runs into Ichika, and introduces himself formally.

Kaito runs into Ichika again, who is searching for a place to stay, and he offers to let her stay at his house for the night. Kaito remembers everything from the night before and passes out. Ichika finds him and calls out some strange creature to save him. She then kisses him, and Kaito’s sister walks in on them (Ichika’s wrapped in a towel).

The opening theme was pretty good for how light the music was. Honestly, I liked the ending theme more. The show itself was good…it was more sci-fi than I was expecting. Not that it’s a bad thing. Curious to see where this goes. Although it was clear Ichika wasn’t normal, I feel like something’s up with Remon as well. I have a bit of a problem with Kaito’s fantasies, though…I really hope they don’t get out of hand because it would get annoying. Looks like this show should be fun…although it didn’t seem that way from the previews >.>

5 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 1”

  1. So many glasses of this series, and Nancy’s catsuit in the opening seems a reference to ROD Could we be facing Shoot Or Die?

    The japanese have a special name for the effect of “transparency” in the glasses frames? I saw this effect also in Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto.


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