Brave 10 Episode 1

Alright winter season. Let’s check out another show. For starters, we’re introduced to the strange man Kirigakure Saizou, who seems to be our lead. The series begins with him saving a girl in distress named Isanami (presumably a reference to the goddess Izanami?). Saizou ends up following Isanami around until they are attacked by Sarutobi Sasuke, a ninja of Sanada Yukimura, who turns out to be who Isanami is trying to meet.

Isanami is seeking Yukimura’s help after her shrine was destroyed by a masked man. Yukimura ends up refusing to help, not wanting to jump into a matter he doesn’t understand. Isanami follows Saizou out of the castle, but they are ambushed. Yukimura and Sasuke appear, though, having expected the attack.

Saizou takes out the attackers, but Isanami freaks out when blood gets on her and unleashes some dark power that annihilates everything in a radius around her. Yukimura agrees to help Isanami, and she also requests that Saizou join Yukimura as well. Saizou later overhears Yukimura talking about gathering ten heroes.

Definitely an interesting show. Isanami’s a nice source of comedy, while Saizou plays a sort of hardcore cool guy. Saizou seems like the type to have some sort of dark past as well…death of a friend? It’s an interesting premise and all of the attacks and stuff are pretty cool. I’d say the opening theme was alright, with the ending theme a little better, and the other background music being a bit better than that. I’d definitely intrigued and will keep watching. I was expecting Sengoku Basara, but this seems to be a bit different.

2 thoughts on “Brave 10 Episode 1”

  1. It is nice to see that you are going to blog this. This show is definitely good.
    I’m not so sure how the plot is going to be. Seeing that it only has 11 episode is hard to believe. I don’t know how they are going to manage this but hopefully it will be good.


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