Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Final Episode

So I finally got around to finishing this show. Basically, the last episode is the final battle between the Kawakami family and the Tachibana group. Everyone arrives on the scene and splits off to fight their respective opponents. At first, the Kawakami family isn’t looking so good, but then Class A arrives to back them up, also bringing Cookie.

Yamato remembers what his father tells him about a country relying on love and his vow to become Prime Minister to protect that belief. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister admits to the truth behind Tachibana’s last operation to the bandaged man, who then reveals that he has recorded the conversation.

In the end, Yamato rallies the girls and they are able to push back, causing most of the group to retreat. However, Saki and Tachibana remain. Yamato, with Cookie’s new upgrade, subdues Saki and Momoyo takes out Tachibana, but at the cost of her life. However, she reveals that she was only faking to get a kiss from Yamato and the battle ends.

I’d say this was an okay ending for this show. Yamato’s failed attempt to cover up his declaration of love at the end of the episode was pretty amusing. But how could they let Yukie take on the former professor guy all by herself? So cruel…Still, it was hilarious when she and Matsukaze switched voices in a panicked scene. I’m not sure how different this anime was from the game, but looking at the show as a whole, I’d have to say I wasn’t entirely impressed. The characters were great, but the plot wasn’t all there and the some of the episodes just seemed…not so good. Still, an enjoyable experience and possibly a formal review later. I miss watching anime on my desktop…this netbook sucks. But I’ll be heading back home this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Final Episode”

  1. how different? totally different, these characters (cyborg) does not even exist in the original game.

    Anyway in the original game Mayucchi (in her route) does fight against the Kawakami rogue teacher, but it wasn’t a lol scene. She was dead angry and serious and basically destroyed the ass of that professor…:D


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