Anime Review: UN-GO


So this was a show that I didn’t follow because of how late it started up, but I kept watching it by myself. I’m a huge fan of the detective genre, so this show instantly caught my attention.

Basically, the story follows Yuuki Shinjuurou, nicknamed the Defeated Detective. With his partner Inga, he solves crimes in an attempt to defeat the world-renowned Kaishou Rinroku, a famous detective who runs a major corporation in Japan.

The story introduces itself as a cut and dry detective series, with the first few episodes just being mystery after mystery. We find out that Inga has the ability to force people to answer one question truthfully, but other than that, nothing special happens.

I was very close to dropping this show outright, but decided to stick it out. Fortunately, I was rewarded, as the show quickly takes a turn for the amazing. Although some of the endings are a bit predictable, there are many scenes that just blew my mind.

Story: Score 7/10

The characters in this show were pretty impressive to me. Shinjuurou is introduced as a bit of a shunned character who struggles to gain a reputation as the show goes on. The greatest thing about his character in my mind is that above all else, he seeks the truth. He adamantly reveals the truth to all despite the consequences.

Along with him, we have Inga. Inga’s got an interesting vibe to him, quite eccentric. We learn a lot more about him as the show goes on, and it becomes quite interesting, and a tad disturbing. Although not introduced until much later, Kazamori is also an amazing character (and probably among my favorites).

Kaishou Rinroku plays the mysterious entity who seems to be everywhere and know everything. Along with him, we have his daughter, Rie, who supports Shinjuurou and acts as a sort of reflection of his humanity.

Characters: Score 9/10

The animation in this show is a bit different, but I didn’t really mind it at all. The character designs are pretty interesting, although some of them overdo it a bit much. The music in the show didn’t pop out at me, but the opening theme was fairly impressive and the ending theme was okay.

Animation: Score 8/10

Music: Score 7/10

Overall, I’d say that despite the rocky start, this show really did entertain me. I might be biased because of how much I love detective shows, but I really think this show did a good job of putting a plot behind the episodic style indicative of most detective series. The pacing of the show may have been a bit too quick, with only 11 episodes to cover it all. I think the ending was handled pretty well, and it even puts forth the possibility of a second season. All in all, I’d recommend this to anyone willing to put up with the slow start.

Final Score: 8/10

3 thoughts on “Anime Review: UN-GO”

  1. Decent series for me. Although, my girlfriend was majorly in love with it (because of Inga).

    Definitely one of those series I had to go back, slow down and watch again to catch some of the smaller details, but not really a solid mystery show as it advertizes.


    1. I think a lot of my opinions come just because I like the mystery shows, but I’d have to agree that this show’s not that solid, mostly because of how it began and also because it’s a bit on the short side, so it seemed a bit rushed


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