C Cube Final Episode

Time for the first series of this season to come to an end. The final battle ends up being pretty long, starting off with Alice having a bit of a skirmish with Fear and Konoha. When Haruaki frees himself, Alice reveals a second Waas, which allows her to call forth multiple reflections of herself.

Fear ends up killing one of the clones, and starts to revert to her torture tool persona. Kirika and Haruaki’s attempts to save her are not so successful, but then Shiraho and Sovereignty arrive to save the day. Fear is able to beat Alice, but she is saved by who I’m assuming are more people from the Families.

The final battle was animated well…this show just looks good. Because this ending creates the opportunity for a second season, I’ll excuse the fact that Haruaki didn’t choose anyone…but just this once. Actually, what am I saying? There really has to be a second season. There’s too much stuff that’s not resolved. Still no confrontation with Kirika’s organization. Families are still at large. We still don’t know what’s up with blue-hair Konoha (ack! I want to know!). Also, there were those new characters that show up in the epilogue scenes, so yeah. Anyways, will probably do a formal review of the show soon. Hope you all enjoyed this show as much as I have.

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