C Cube Episode 11

So, after the cliffhanger last week, everyone calmly sits together to talk about everything. Kuroe explains that she was eating hair to allow her to continue using her powers. Everyone accepts Kuroe’s story, except for Fear, who has some trouble. They are interrupted when Alice appears. She leads Konoha and Fear outside, then captures Kirika, Haruaki, and Kuroe.

Alice creates a video for Fear, using Haruaki as a hostage to try to force her to join the Families, saying that they only wish to find the cursed tools and “fix” them. While she’s gone, Kirika’s partner arrives to break her out, but leaves Haruaki and Kuroe behind. He continues to taunt Kirika, but Kirika snaps and crashes the car they’re in. The episode ends with Kirika, Konoha, and Fear meeting Alice and starting a final engagement.

So far, it’s going like I predicted. I’m thinking the next week’s episode is going to wrap up the Alice confrontation and then the last episode will be a fanservice/light episode with all of the characters. Was getting the same panty shot with Kuroe as they did with Fear in the first episode completely necessary? That aside, so much Kirika focus. Is Haruaki going to choose her? Because I’d like to see that…

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