Fate/Zero Episode 11

So for some reason, Persona 4 is late and I really don’t feel like watching a stream, so that will come later. This week’s episode starts off with Rider dramatically entering the Einzbern Castle to…party. Gilgamesh also shows up, being invited by Rider as well. Each of them talks about their specific intentions with the Grail.

Rider ends up berating Saber for her idealistic approach to being king, saying that she is not a true leader. They are interrupted, though, by the arrival of Assassin (and a lot of them). Rider then shows off his abilities, creating a Reality Marble, a mental image materialized into the real world, of a desert.

Rider then calls forth his entire army, revealing it to be his ultimate Noble Phantasm, which is similar in form to Assassin, many Servants being one. Face with these overwhelming numbers, the Assassins just kinda…die.

Rider continues to be the greatest character ever (any Gilgamesh continues to be an obnoxious pretty boy), bringing in the action in this relatively mellow episode. Unfortunately, since he’s revealed his best Noble Phantasm first, I have to assume that he will be among the first to die. Weird that they decided to devote this episode so much to conversation when everything seemed so much more intense before. I’m also not really sure which side to take in the end. Which vision of being king do you agree with, Rider’s or Saber’s? Which kind of goal would be closer to your own? We’re getting pretty close to the end of the first season, so the deaths should probably start ramping up soon. Given what we’ve seen so far, I don’t think Assassin would go down so easily.

12 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Episode 11”

  1. First of all, the Assassin’s are indeed dead. One servant down. They cut out Tokiomi and Kirei agreeing to send the Assassin’s, which will probably be talked about next episode. Also, the animation quality in this episode really angered me. They made Rin’s anime original filler episode super pretty, but when we get to the Mad Feast of Kings that so many people like me have been waiting for they cut the budget and give us really weird faces!? At least Rider’s Ionian Hetarioi looked good. What makes Rider’s trump card so powerful, is that its not just an army of mooks, the entire army are all heroic spirits like Saber, Rider and Archer. Its a literal army of heroic spirits, with each soldier being a low level spirit, which is pretty damn badass.

    As for whose side to choose, id have to go with Rider. This was the scene in the novel that completely changed my opinion of him. Up till this point i had thought he was kind of cool, and hilariously funny, but it was only here that i realized how awesome he was and became a real fan of his character. He makes a lot of good points with Saber, bluntly spelling out everything that is wrong with her kingship and her wish to the grail. He basically says everything Shiro says to her in the Fate route, and he does it in a single scene! Then his army really proves her wrong about being alone. Unlike Saber, who could never connect with her people, and ruled as a solitary ideal, Rider’s men were so devoted to him that they return to him even after death! Rider is truely never alone, because anytime he needs them his people will be there, answering his call. That was really awe inspiring to me.

    All in all a decent job animating the meeting of the three kings, but i really wish they had not fucked up the quality so bad after wasting the budget on the fanservice filler of last week…


    1. I’ve also heard at the Ufotable Cafe realtime screening of Fate/Zero ep11, the staff confirmed that the BD version of ep11 will be a complete version with over 5 minutes of additional footage which they couldn’t fit on the TV broadcast.


    1. what can we say, wasting budget on loli fanservice filler so that the important plot episodes look shitty is the “in” thing right now 😛


  2. Necro-posting from the future.

    Anyway I like how you completely ignored Gilgamesh’s point’s even though Rider pretty much agrees. I like Gil, can’t say I “like” his point of views, but I still like him. He’s such a glorified douche and he knows it. And overpowered as fxck.


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