C Cube Episode 9

New character! Meet Ningyouhara Kuroe, who apparently can manipulate her hair like…tentacles, which she uses to “greet” Fear. It turns out she was also cursed, but she was able to remove it while still retaining some of her powers, which reassures Fear. However, Kuroe reveals that she has been followed by an organization called the Families of Biblio, represented by Alice.

At the sight of Fear, Alice turns her interest away from Kuroe. Meanwhile, Kirika is harassed by her partner from her organization, who points out that she can’t have a normal relationship. While Fear, Konoha, and Haruaki are passing out flyers, Haruaki notices that she’s upset and tries to talk with her, which only makes her realize she has feelings for him.

What a combo.....
Kuroe opens a beauty salon (jeez…she’s so tiny). Remember the Intelligence Disk scene? Well…something similar happens in the bath with Kuroe and Fear (you know you enjoyed it). At the opening of Kuroe’s beauty salon, Kuroe is instantly popular, drawing a huge crowd.

Uhh…Fear in a maid outfit…Konoha in a Chinese dress…Konoha in a maid outfit…Fear in a Chinese dress…uhh…no comment. Shiraho is as cold as ever, but she may be turning soon. Alice is certainly more pleasant than Valencie was…just saying. Kuroe is a nice addition, and yeah…fan service. New opening theme sounds good too! Look forward to more or Fear will curse you!

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