Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 7

Alright, this week’s the redemption episode. Starting off with a training session for who I believe to be the girls that attacked everyone in one of the earliest episodes (episode 2? …and what? No Miyako??). Meanwhile Momoyo is recalling that same battle in her boredom.

Momoyo tries to relieve her boredom by messing with Yamato, but he keeps getting pulled away by the other heroines. Meanwhile, everyone is called for an extermination run for porn (lol what?). Everyone is shocked when Momoyo shows no interest in this task, instead leaving to be alone.

While Yamato is out and about, he sees one of the mystery attackers and follows her, but ends up getting captured. Yamato is almost shot, but the girls all show up (minus Momoyo) to save him. Kazuko recognizes the leader as an ex-instructor at the academy named Shakadou, which explains how the enemies know the Kawakami style.

Yamato ends up getting captured. His captor kisses him, distracting everyone, but Momoyo arrives. Momoyo moves to take down Shakadou, but is stopped by Tachibana Takae, who takes Momoyo down. The episode ends with Momoyo unleashing a super move that gets deflected, revealing a mechanical body.

What?? Plot???
So, this episode actually looks like plot, which is great to see. I was kinda wondering when those guys would show up again. Sigh…Yukie was super cute in this episode. I’m glad they’ve stepped away from the…last week’s episode. Looking forward to more as usual.

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