Fate/Zero Episode 7

Giant ball of mercury spits on your puny explosions (O.o). That’s right, Lancer and Kayneth are alive as predicted. As was mentioned last episode, the judge of the Grail Wars alters the rules such that the Master that kills Caster will receive an additional command seal.

Of course, in the background, the plan is for everyone to weaken Caster and allow Gilgamesh to land the final blow. Meanwhile, Iris and Kiritsugu realize that Lancer must still be alive because Saber’s wound has not healed. Saber berates Kiritsugu’s cowardly plans and Iris worries that the judge will disapprove, but Kiritsugu doesn’t trust the judge (correctly).

They are all interrupted by the arrival of Caster at the castle with hostages (he sure has a weird way of showing his love). When Saber goes out to engage, Caster tricks her and entangles her (oh boy, the tentacle rape memes that will start from this), but only momentarily.

Epic Tag Team

Caster reveals his that his Noble Phantasm is a book that supplies him with prana and the ability to command a demonic legion. Saber seems to be in trouble, but Lancer appears to save her, taking the Vegeta excuse for helping her (“I’m the only one that gets to kill her”).

Meanwhile, Kayneth breaks into the castle to kill Iris (how dare he!). He finds Kiritsugu, who reveals his magic can accelerate time (SOOOO AWESOME). Unfortunately, this strains his body. The episode ends with Kiritsugu pulling out a new gun to face Kayneth, with new confidence.

Alright…time manipulation magic is another soft spot of mine. I want to see Kiritsugu wipe that smug look from Kayneth’s face so bad! This show continues to deliver and I’m enjoying every second. I’m waiting for the other Servants to show up and make this battle even more ridiculous (I’m looking at you, Rider). I can’t believe I have to wait another week, but I’ll manage somehow. Look forward to it!

9 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Episode 7”

  1. I am pretty much sold on Caster getting dusted off first, but Kiritsugu is just making Kayneth look like a punk, lol. Especially like how it ended. I am wondering if the gun he pulled out was one the of the anti-magic weapons – yet doubt it. No episode is complete without Rider, but Berseker needs some more rage screen time, lol.


  2. I thought the scene between Irisviel and Kiritsugu was the highlight of this episode.

    And yup, I wrote about tentacles at least a dozen times in my post about this episode. I couldn’t help it, I’m too pervy.

    I actually wonder what will happen to Uryuu after Caster is dealt with.


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