Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 6

Karaoke! Everyone makes plans to get together for karaoke, with Yozora embarrassing Sena in the process as usual. The next day when they all arrive, Yozora and Sena end up getting separate rooms, but Kodaka ends up paying for a room for Rika, Kobato, and Yukimura.

While everyone else is singing in a room together, Yozora and Sena end up singing the same song, despite being in separate rooms. Afterwards, it’s revealed that the two were competing the whole time using a ranking system that the karaoke machines had. The episode ends with Sena telling Kodaka that her father wishes to meet him, which noticeably upsets Yozora.

A fun little episode. It was pretty cool to hear everyone sing…they were all pretty good. Which one was your favorite? I wanted to hear Kobato sing 😦 Still, no real complaints with this episode. Kodaka continues to keep it in his pants despite waking up with Kobato in his bed…respect.

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