The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

So, this is one of those shows that I initially laughed at when I saw the premise. I mean, come on…a guy who’s forced to make girls fall in love with him? However, when I ended up watching it, it was pretty darn entertaining (and amusing). Basically, Katsuragi Keima is very well known as a capturing god, but only when it comes to dating sims. He hates real girls and spends pretty much all of his time playing his PFP (yeah…). This all changes, though, when he gets a message from a demon named Elsie, who offers him a contract to help her capture girls. Thinking she means video game girls, Keima accepts, but Elsie appears to inform him that she actually means real life girls. She’s been tasked with capturing loose souls, which inhabit the emptiness in the hearts of girls. In order for these loose souls to be captured, she needs someone else to inhabit the girls’ hearts, namely Keima. Naturally, Keima would refuse, but unfortunately, he would die due to the contract he made. So now Keima has to use what he’s learned from his extensive dating sim experience to make real life girls fall in love with him.

This show’s comic level is insane. So many of the scenes left me on the floor laughing. Based on how far I’ve gotten in the manga, the show stays pretty faithful to it. It does a great job of breaking out of the “we finished this arc with this girl, so let’s go on to the next arc with the new girl” style by adding in a few sort of filler episodes that show things like Keima’s gaming life. It’s originally introduced that the girls would forget the events of their “capture” after the loose soul was evicted, but we start to see that each girl retains some of their feelings for Keima.

Story: 8/10

Not that many characters are really focused on in this show other than our two main characters Keima and Elsie, and the girls that Keima captures. Personally, I think this leaves a lot of room for these characters to shine and I think Keima does a great job of this. He’d love to have a cool demeanor, but we see him go from that to otaku mode to just plain silly. I definitely think that the voice actor did a great job of portraying this too. Elsie’s pretty entertaining too, but her character doesn’t change much. She’s always the clumsy demon, but I still liked her. I think that the other girls in the show were also pretty well designed, with some really variable personalities and quirks (Kanon still annoys me, though).

Characters: 9/10

In the animation department, I’d say this show did a great job. There really aren’t any battles or anything, so nothing pops out, but I didn’t find anything bad about them. The music was definitely enjoyable, especially the opening theme.

Animation: 8/10

Music: 9/10

I often joke that Sekirei is just Pokemon with women, but The World God Only Knows is even more so. I’m sure some people may be put off by that premise, but I think that the show is enjoyable nonetheless. Granted, much of the entertainment comes from the comedic factor rather than the actual premise of the story. While Keima is still able to use his video game knowledge to capture the girls, I think that the filler episodes show that he has a much harder time with the real girls than video game girls, which was fun to see.

Final Score: 8/10

4 thoughts on “The World God Only Knows”

  1. You summed up my feelings pretty well. I avoided it for a while, but was bored one day and just kind of blitz watched it. A lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. And I agree that Keima’s VA was pretty great, though I have to admit before I watched it I was totally thinking it would be Jun Fukuyama.

    And ditto on Kanon.


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