Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 4

This week’s episode starts off with Kodaka entering the clubroom to find a girl dressed like a nun sleeping on the couch (so, pretty standard). Yozora introduces the girl as Maria Takayama, the moderator for the Neighbors Club (so she’s actually a teacher at age 10). She explains that Yozora tricked her into being the moderator for the club and tries to force them out, but Yozora tricks her again into staying as their moderator (lol epic).

Kodaka then brings up his concern that he’s being followed by someone to Yozora and Sena (who of course don’t take him seriously). They offer to help him out, but they only see the jealous and fearful stares of the other students. Later, Kodaka runs into the stalker, who introduces himself as Kusunoki Yukimura (yes…that’s actually a guy).

Yukimura explains that he’s been following Kodaka because he’s being bullied and wants to learn from Kodaka. As Yukimura explains how he’s being bullied, it becomes apparent that what’s actually happening is that the other boys are avoiding him because of how feminine he looks. Yozora uses this as an opportunity to trick Yukimura into joining the Neighbors Club.

The next day, Kodaka happens to walk past the science room as an explosions goes off inside. He finds a girl unconscious on the ground and takes her to the infirmary. She later finds him and introduces herself as Shiguma Rika. Later at the clubroom (where Yukimura is training his manliness by wearing a maid outfit), Sena further introduces Rika as a genius inventor who stays in the science room all day. Rika then appears, wanting to join the club.

Rika’s first course of action is to read aloud a mecha magazine she brought with her (and make it sound surprisingly dirty). Rika gets pretty flirty with Kodaka and the other members of the club (minus Maria) are visibly upset.

Finally, all of the characters are introduced (I think). Except for Kobato, they are also all assimilated into the club. I’m definitely interested to see how Kobato is gonna factor into all of this, but it’s nice to have met all of the characters. Rika’s the only one who outwardly expresses her affection for Kodaka, which is pretty entertaining. Maria hasn’t shown her interest for Kodaka yet, but I’m guessing Kobato will affect that since they’re both kids.

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