C Cube Episode 4

After an interesting scene with Valencie and the Mummy Maker, we go back to Haruaki’s place, where everyone is eating dinner. Kirika is caught up on all the craziness and Fear apologizes for attacking her. They are interrupted by the entrance of the Mummy Maker, who introduces herself and offers to leave the rest of them alone if they allow Fear to be captured. Kirika later plans a secret meeting with someone over the phone. Later that evening, Mummy Maker appears in Haruaki’s room, but Fear arrives to get rid of her. The next day, Konoha challenges Fear, but soon reveals that she was only joking. Because of Fear’s lack of hesitation to kill either Konoha or the Mummy Maker the night before, Konoha asks Fear not to fight. Fear takes this as meaning she should turn herself in, but Haruaki stops her. They are then interrupted by Valencie, who arrives with a new Waas (or Warth depending on your translation). Haruaki prepares to fight her with Konoha’s help, but Valencie first tells them that she has killed the Mummy Maker. Haruaki and Konoha engage Valencie, while Fear struggles not to join the battle herself. After hearing Haruaki give his motivation for fighting, the episode ends with Fear preparing to join the fight. I’m still liking this show. Not completely sure how I feel yet about the show going from a random cute scene to violence in an instant. There’s no way Kirika is just a normal girl. She’s got to have some eccentricity to her like Konoha and Fear. Looking forward to the next episode.

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