Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 15

New opening is…new. I’m sure it will grow on me as we go along, but so far no strong impressions. The animation looks fairly similar…even some things seem recycled, like Himari’s spin drop. Anyways, Shoma is still pretty depressed about Ringo. After receiving a weird voicemail from Ringo, Shoma calls her. When she answers, she’s still drugged, and he is able figure out that she’s about to do something…explicit. However, Shoma soon realizes that he is right next door to her, having stayed at the same inn. He rushes over to stop them, but slips and is knocked out. We finally get some character background on Yuri. Her father was a famous artist, who only loved beautiful things. However, he thought of Yuri as ugly, telling that she would not be loved. At school, Yuri meets Momoka, who reassures her that she is beautiful. They start to become friends, but Yuri’s father tells her that Momoka cannot be trusted, and that only family can be trusted. However, Momoka becomes determined to gain Yuri’s trust nonetheless. Momoka explains that she is able to transfer the fate of someone using her diary. She claims that she can free Yuri and avert her death. Yuri doesn’t believe her, rushing home to her father. Back in the present, Himari finds out that Sanetoshi sent the two scarves she made last episode to her friends, Double-H. Sanetoshi starts to ask Kanba about his relationship with his family, but Kanba is unable to understand. Meanwhile, Yuri is interrupted by the entrance of a housekeeper, who turns out to be Natsume. The two start to fight over the diary halves. They seem fairly even for a while, but Natsume ends up grabbing the diary half with the help of Esmerelda. Yuri reveals to Shoma, however, that the half was just a fake and that she still has the real half. Back in the memory, Yuri is saved from death at the hands of her father by Momoka, who is severely burned as a price. The episode ends as Yuri reveals that she intends to use the diary to bring Momoka back. Things are starting to get interesting again. Now we see the true purpose of the Fate Diary, and it’s actually quite cool. I understand now why it’s so important. I wonder if the show will continue so that Ringo is the only one who can transfer the fate or something…Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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