Fate/Zero Episode 3

So, Assassin’s death is confirmed at the start of this week’s episode (there’s still gotta be some sort of catch). Waver talks with Rider about Assassin’s death. At first, Rider seems uninterested, but then becomes interested in the one who killed Assassin. Waver, who saw Assassin die, is unable to identify the killer or their Noble Phantasm. Meanwhile, Kirei seeks shelter in the church after having lost Assassin, the church being a neutral ground. In the church, more Assassins appear, revealing the true nature of Assassin. Saber and Irisviel arrive in Japan, where Iris reveals that she is just a puppet, never having seen the outside world. Hearing this, Saber lets her explore the city before reporting to Kiritsugu. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu secretly enters a hotel room, where the occupant provides him with equipment as well as informs him that Iris and Saber have arrived (apparently, they want to trick the others into thinking Iris is Saber’s Master). She then shows Kiritsugu the footage of Assassin’s attack, expressing her suspicion that Tohsaka was expecting Assassin to come. Kiritsugu becomes suspicious when he hears the Kirei is Assassin’s Master and is staying at the church, and orders Maiya to keep watch over the church. Saber takes Iris to the sea, but they are interrupted by the presence of another Servant, who turns out to be Lancer. The episode ends as the battle begins. I’m definitely enjoying this show…Kiritsugu is way more badass than he’s portrayed in Fate/Stay Night and it’s great to watch all of the intensity.

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