Bakuman Season 2 Episode 3

This week’s episode starts off with Aoki discussing joining up with Koji, the musician, to create manga. Also, picking up from last week, Miura reveals that Trap is third in the early results. Although Miura is optimistic about it, Shujin is worried that Trap will fall in the later chapters similarly to another of the new series, which fell to ninth after getting third for the first chapter. Nakai finds out that Aoki is planning on teaming up with Koji, and rushes over to her house to talk with her. Unable to accept that her story is problematic, Aoki blames Nakai’s art for the failure of their series. Nakai then decides that he will continue to draw outside her apartment until she is satisfied despite the cold. Nakai continues to draw at the table outside Aoki’s apartment, even allowing himself to be beaten by local punk kids. Each day, he puts a manuscript in Aoki’s mailbox. Finally, she looks at one, instantly impressed by his art. One day, a snowstorm blows into town, which worries Saiko. When Fukuda goes to stop Nakai, he still refuses to stop drawing. Fukuda brings Saiko, Shujin, and Miyoshi to help him stop Nakai, but they arrive to see Aoki outside apologizing to Nakai, finally admitting that her story was the weak point of their manga, not his art. Aoki then breaks off her partnership with Koji and starts up with Nakai again. The episode ends as Shujin and Saiko find out that chapter two of Trap has only placed eighth. Still following the manga well…still sketchy pacing…still enjoying it anyway.


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