Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 14

So, by the looks of it, this episode starts off with Yuri sleeping with the person she is on stage with in her plays (ehh?). Ringo meets with Shoma on the street, but he brushes her off, still blaming himself for his parents’ involvement in her sister’s death. Ringo tries to convince him otherwise, but Shoma refuses to hear it, leaving her in tears. Meanwhile, Kanba pays Sanetoshi the amount he agreed for Himari’s life, but Sanetoshi demands more. Ringo, still reeling from Shoma’s rejection, runs into Yuri and the two talk. Kanba meets with dark clothed men to get the money for Himari, but Natsume appears to interrupt the meeting. Natsume offers her own money to save Kanba from the repercussions of his exchange with the men, but he refuses. Yuri takes Ringo to a hot spring inn to stay for the night. Ringo asks how Yuri met Tabuki and Yuri reveals that she was a childhood friend of his, and that she knew Momoka. Yuri tells Ringo all about Momoka, who knows nothing about her because her parents are uncomfortable speaking of her. However, Yuri drugs Ringo and forces her into the bed (apparently she had feelings for Momoka). Yuri reveals that she was the one that stole the second half of the diary. Whaaa? This show O.o


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