Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 2

Little recap from last episode: after completing Orpheus’s Contract, Kaito and Nonoha are trapped in a room filling with water. Kaito’s unable to solve the puzzle to save them, but then his armband starts to glow and he solves the puzzle. However, he passes out after doing so. The next day when Kaito gets to school, someone calls him a moron over the intercom. Kaito goes to the roof to find him, and he introduces himself as Sakanoue Gammon, having the title of Galileo. Kaito is then taken to see the principal, who tells him that the armband is the Armband of Orpheus, and it marks him as a Solver. The principal tells Kaito that he must face the Givers of the POG, an organization that creates Sage Puzzles and seeks to solve the Divine Puzzle, with the title of Einstein. Kaito refuses, though, having no interest in the POG. He gets into a macho contest with Gammon, finding out that people with titles can eat for free (basically, they have special privileges). Kaito is sent another puzzle by a Giver, but Gammon grabs his device and runs off to solve the puzzle himself for money. Kaito decides to go as well with Nonoha. At first, the Giver doesn’t allow Gammon to enter the puzzle, but he allows him to go with Kaito when he arrives. Gammon solves the puzzle himself, which surprises the Giver, and he locks the puzzle, so the three can’t escape. With time running out, Kaito activates the armband and solves the “unsolvable” puzzle, saving everyone at the last second. Kaito decides to take the title of Einstein. This show’s pretty interesting…I really do enjoy it.

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