Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 2

This week’s episode starts with the gang heading out to perform a high-priority mission of…finding a dog. With little success finding the dog, they all return to the school (and bathe >.>). The dog shows up in the bath, and they all give chase again. While they’re chasing the dog, they stumble across a munitions warehouse and are surrounded by armed men in black. The girls take them all out with ease (I say girls because Yamato is useless >.>). When Momoyo is trying to question them, masked women appear to attack. Unlike those men, they are skilled and a match for the girls. The girls notice that they use techniques from the Kawakami Academy. However, the masked women are signaled to retreat and they get away. Despite this, the gang is able to find the dog. So…still trying to figure out what this show is about…

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