Fate/Zero Episode 2

Back to shorter, more manageable 20 minute episodes. This episode starts off with Waver using Rider to steal some books, which Rider uses to find out the world has changed since his time. It is revealed that Rider is King Iskandar, as Waver almost uses a command seal to force him to be more respectful, but chooses not to waste it (smartly). Iskandar then demonstrates his powers, calling forth a chariot carried by oxen (he is Rider, after all). Meanwhile, Kiritsugu is playing with Illya (who is super cute, by the way). Meanwhile, Saber talks with Iris, surprised that Kiritsugu is so soft-hearted, having seen him as a cold person. Apparently, there was some friction when Saber was summoned, since King Arthur was supposed to be a man and Kiritsugu found it hard to believe Saber was the same person. We move to another scene where a serial murder is drawing something on his victim’s floor. He introduces himself as Uryuu Ryuunosuke to the boy he has tied up on the ground. However, a seal appears on his hand and the pentagram that he drew on the ground starts to glow. A Servant appears, introducing himself as Caster, and the two make a contract. Caster lets the boy go free, but the boy is then mutilated by tentacles when he reaches the front door. What a fun way for Ryuunosuke and Caster to bond >.> Caster then introduces himself as Bluebeard. Kirei then reveals that Caster was the seventh Servant, so all Servants have been summoned (he summoned Assassin if I didn’t mention it earlier). Kirei orders Assassin to infiltrate the Tohsaka house and kill Tokiomi Tohsaka. However, Assassin is found out by Gilgamesh (Archer), who takes him out with ease as the episode ends. Well…maybe that death was fake. We know what’s supposed to happen. Anyways, I really dig this series…It’s so intense.

3 thoughts on “Fate/Zero Episode 2”

  1. Better than episode 1. effing awesome!
    What’s not to love about this anime? Cute loli girls, hot milfs, Crazy ass animation and graphics, awesome characters, amazing action – the list goes on


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