Bakuman Season 2 Episode 2

This week’s episode starts off with Azuki being berated by her manager because she doesn’t want to be in a photo book, as it would be good for her career as a voice actress. Meanwhile, the studio is uncomfortably silent, disrupted by the arrival of Shujin and Miyoshi. However, they soon fall back into silence, but Ogawa breaks it to release the tension. Miura comes by to discuss the fourth chapter, not wanting to change the first three chapters. Saiko gets worried that he hasn’t heard from Azuki, so Shujin asks Miyoshi to talk with her. The next day, Takahama (one of the assistants) stays behind to finish some extra work after the other two leave. Normally the most silent of the assistants, Takahama opens up to Saiko, telling him his dream to work at Disney. Takahama explains that his silence comes because he can’t relate to the other two assistants, who are content with being assistants. He looks up to Saiko, and the two are able to bond. The next day, Saiko sends a text to Azuki to check up on her, and she replies telling him about the photo book. Azuki’s responses worry Saiko, so he tries to call her, but she won’t pick up the phone. Saiko then rushes off to Azuki’s house, despite Shujin and Miyoshi’s protests. Shujin then calls Azuki himself, telling her that Saiko has rushed off to see her and asking her to stop him. Azuki calls Saiko before he is able to reach the train, apologizing for her behavior and forcing him to finish his manuscript. Saiko is still worried about the photo book, so Azuki asks his true opinion about it. He admits that he would hate for her to be in a photo book for others to see, so she decides not to do it. Despite her refusal, she gets another audition. The episode ends as Shujin answers a call from Miura with the early results from Trap’s first chapter. I’m not sure if I like the pacing of this season yet…So far, they haven’t gotten so far. There’s so much better material later in the manga, but it seems like a distant dream for the anime…it’s a pity. Oh well, I still love this series.


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