Persona 4 Episode 1

Finally!! I’ve been waiting so long for this one. First off, a bit of a self-plug. If you’re interested in the game as well, I’ve started a playthrough of Persona 4 on my youtube channel:

The anime starts out exactly like the game started, with the main character waking up in the Velvet Room to be introduced to Igor and Margaret. When he comes back to his senses, he is on the train to Inaba. Looks like the opening theme is going to be “Pursuing My Self”, which is the opening theme for the game (and an amazing song…no joke). For those of you who don’t know the story of Persona 4, basically, the protagonist is a city kid who is moving to Inaba in the countryside because of his family to live with his uncle. He reaches the station to meet his uncle, Dojima Ryotaro, and his cousin Nanako. There’s a scene at the gas station, but you don’t really know what it means unless you know the ending of the game (like I do…). They actually do the next day thing like it’s done in the game (which is pretty freaking awesome). The next day at school, we find out that the protagonist’s name is Narukami Yu (you could pick whatever name you wanted in the game). We’re also introduced to Moroka, the homeroom teacher, who’s a pretty nasty guy with the nickname Morokin (King Moron in the English dub of the game. Anyways, one of the students (which I know is Saki) finds a dead body hanging upside down, which causes an alert in the school. Meanwhile in the school, Satonaka Chie and Amagi Yukiko introduce themselves to Yu (maybe it’s just because of the English in me, but I find it funny that the main character’s name sounds like “you”). Dojima is inspecting the crime scene (and Adachi the junior detective is puking). The next day, Yu is introduced to Hanamura Yosuke as he helps him out of a trashcan that he crashed into. Yosuke offers to treat Yu to beefsteak, but Chie joins in as repayment for Yosuke’s destruction of her DVD. They end up going to Junes, a department store, and that’s where they introduce the Midnight Channel, a phenomenon where you can see your soulmate if you look at the TV at midnight while it is raining. At this point, we’re introduced to Konishi Saki, the girl who saw the body and Yosuke’s crush. That night, we learn from the TV that the victim of the murder is Yamano, a reporter alleged to be having an affair before and hiding out in Inaba. Anyways, that night, Yu tries out the Midnight Channel and is surprised to see a figure that is strangely similar to Saki. He reaches into the TV and is surprised to find himself almost pulled into it. The next day, he tells everyone about it, but they only saw shadows on the screen. They go to Junes to look at a larger TV after Yosuke jokes that Yu might be able to go inside of it (Yosuke’s the son of the Junes manager). Yu reaches towards one of the TVs and his hand goes into it again. The other two panic when customers come by and the three fall into the TV. They come to in a foggy TV studio. They see a strange shadow in the fog, but they run away, running into a strange room with a noose and posters on the wall with the face ripped off. They go outside to find the strange shadow from before, but it says it’s just a bear. He gives Yu a pair of glasses that makes the fog clear away and he sees a Shadow approach. At this point, the bear runs away as the Shadows approach. Chie is knocked unconscious, and Yu is able to summon his Persona, Izanagi (“Reach Out to the Truth” plays because it’s awesome battle music). With Izanagi, Yu easily dispatches the Shadows, finishing off the last one with a Zio (it’s super effective!!) as the episode ends.

Well…I love this game…I’m liking this show already. This episode stays pretty faithful to the game, but they speed up the point where Yu gets his Persona (in the game, this doesn’t happen until the next day). Also, the circumstances change a little bit. I think that the characters were done very well, especially Yu. I was wondering how they were going to make his personality, since he’s silent in the game, but I think it was very well done. Also, the music from the game playing in the background is just an added treat.

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