Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 13

With all of the fall excitement, you may have forgotten what happened last week. Just a reminder, Himari died and Kanba was unable to save her. At that moment, a man walks in with two briefcases of weird apples, then pulling out a vial that he says is able to save Himari. Meanwhile, Shoma remembers back to three years ago, when the police come to the door asking about their parents. Their uncle asks them to leave the house, but they are reluctant, finally relenting to stay at a hotel. Sanetoshi tells Kanba that the medicine to save Himari comes at a price, and Kanba tells him that he will pay for it. Back in Shoma’s flashback, Kanba receives a call from their uncle, and they find out that their parents are suspected of causing the explosions and their house is being searched by the police. At that point, Himari wakes up. Afterwards, Sanetoshi thinks back to 16 years before, when he met a girl that was like him. However, she ended up rejecting him despite their similarities. Meanwhile, Natsume gets a call from (I’m assuming) Sanetoshi, who tells her that he knows who has the other half of the diary. Ringo talks with Tabuki and seems to be over her thing with Momoka. So…this series still confuses me…Waiting for the explanation.

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