Dantalian no Shoka Final Episode

This episode starts off with Huey seeing the girl in Dantalian no Shoka, but his side is bleeding. Back in the real world, some sort of zombie is roaming around the streets. Huey talks to Dalian about it, who tells him about the Book of Atonement, which can take the soul from a person and leave a zombie. While they’re out buying bread, they run into some of these zombies, who are attacking a paperboy. Dalian tells Huey that the newspaper is the Phantom Book, but only certain ones have the text. The two find a printing press that is creating the newspaper, and meet the man from the last episode (the bartender), who introduces himself as the Professor. They then meet Raziel, and Dalian exchanges insults with her. After asking Huey his motivations for being with Dalian, to which Huey responds that he wishes to save the weird pink-haired girl from the beginning of the episode, the Professor shoots Huey. Huey is able to shoot the gun from the Professor’s hand before he is able to fire at Dalian, though, and the two escape. Huey tries to rescue the girl from Dantalian no Shoka, but is stopped by the warden of the gate. He collapses in the real world after failing. The girl is chained to the gate, but she calls out to Dalian, calling her the “other me.” The two work together and Huey wakes up again with a Phantom Book in his hands. With it, he is able to destroy the zombies, but is unable to save the girl. The Professor has more copies to distribute everywhere, but a familiar flame burns them all (yup, Hal has returned). Well, this definitely leaves room for more seasons. The ending felt a bit rushed, but I was glad that Hal could make another appearance.

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