Fate/Zero Episode 1

Another one of those highly anticipated series. This week’s episode is a big one, a full hour. While Fate/Stay Night was more light-hearted with a bit of slice-of-life mixed in, Fate/Zero takes a more serious approach. There are lots of points where tension is caused by things like bloodlines in the magus society. With the Holy Grail War approaching, the major families prepare their respective candidates for Masters. For the Tohsaka family, the family head, Tokiomi Tohsaka participates. Representing the Einzbern family (the family Illya is from) is our main character Kiritsugu Emiya, who has been chosen because of the family’s lack of combat magic skills. Whereas Shiro Emiya remembers Kiritsugu in a positive light, this show starts off by showing him in a more negative way. He is known as the Magus Killer, a freelancer who kills heretical magi. He also sees the Servants as just tools in the Grail War, rather than the people they were, but I assume that will change. We also have Kotomine Kirei, the son of the Grail War’s judge, who is an agent of the church participating on their behalf. Kirei and Kiritsugu both study each other and are completely baffled by the motivations of the other. Another important participant is Kariya Matou, who joins the war for the sake of Sakura Matou (who is actually Sakura Tohsaka, Rin’s sister). In order to save her from the plans of the Matou family, Kariya endures the trials of Zoken Matou in order to become a Master to get the Grail before Sakura is forced to do so. Kariya takes a Worm Crest implant from Zoken, which increases his power as a magus, but at the cost of disfiguring the left side of his body and shortening his life. Another Master is Waver Velvet, a student who resolves to become a Master in order to prove that bloodline has nothing to do with magical ability. Anyways, Kiritsugu is given Avalon as a relic to summon Saber as his servant. The episode ends with some of the Masters summoning their servants. Tohsaka summons Gilgamesh, who I believe was Archer. Waver summons Rider, and Kariya summons who I’m guessing is Berserker, just based on the madness line Zoken says before the summoning. Finally, Kiritsugu summons Saber, and is surprised to find that Arthur Pendragon is a woman. Saber also greets him the exact same way she greet Shiro in Fate/Stay Night. Yeah…this series is gonna be pretty sweet. Opening theme (which was ending theme in the first episode) is great, and LiSA is a great artist, so no complaints there.

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