Mayo Chiki Final Episode

So, this week’s episode starts off with Jirou being forced to read dirty magazines (oh, the horror…). Narumi then appears at his house, having come to talk with him. Flash back to the day before, where Konoe notices someone spying on her in the bath. Rushing out to find the culprit, she finds that it’s just Narumi, having wanted to sell pictures of Konoe to fund her doujinshi. Kanade then shows up, providing pictures of Konoe to Narumi, which sell like hotcakes. Later, Narumi is at the Sakamachi residence, having enlisted the help of Kureha and Usami for her doujinshi. She goes into Jirou’s room, and leaves a yaoi magazine in it. When they’re done goofing off, Narumi asks Kanade and Konoe for help as well, and they manage to finish putting together all of the doujinshi. Narumi then asks for help with the story, having only finished the first half, but then retracts her plea from embarrassment. Worried, Kureha and Usami follow her to the event while she’s selling her doujinshi (however, they’re dressed as Natsuru female-form from Kampfer and Aria from Hidan no Aria). They follow her to a manga cafe, anime shop (why don’t they have these near me??), and game shop. Narumi notices the two following her, and they join her. They ask Narumi what’s bothering her, and we finally flash back forward to when Narumi is talking with Jirou. Narumi then asks Jirou to go out with her on a date (yeah…we all saw that coming). Narumi asks Jirou what he thinks of her boobs. She apparently has been having trouble with her doujinshi because of a boy in her class who confessed to her. She comes to the conclusion that the only reason someone would confess to her is because of her boobs. Narumi then throws herself at Jirou in an attempt to get over her problem with her boobs, and Jirou knocks off her glasses in an interesting moment. So…interesting way to end the series. It just seems like some random extra episode…Yeah…not completely sure what this episode is for.

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