Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 12

Woot, penguins! First off, the doctor references a strange expedition to the South Pole, depicted by a picture that includes Kanba and Shoma’s father. Shoma then continues from last episode, where he is telling Ringo about an incident 16 years prior where many people died, caused by none other than his own parents. We flash back 16 years, where Shoma’s father is initiating a “Survival Strategy” in order to bring peace to the world. Tabuki, who is late for a meetup with Momoka, arrives at the subway station to find a crowd of people talking about an explosion that occurred in that subway. He turns to find that there have been multiple explosions. Flash forward a bit to Momoka’s funeral, where Tabuki refuses to acknowledge Momoka’s death. Flash forward again to the present, where the penguin hat is telling Shoma and Ringo that they have lost the Penguin Drum and apparently some dark bunnies are coming (ehh…????). Himari then collapses, and is rushed to the hospital, where she dies once again. Shoma starts to tell the story of Mary, which eventually leads to a part with two dark bunnies and an apple tree (yeah…it’s weird). Kanba desperately tries to revive Himari, revealing that he transferred part of his life earlier to Himari. However, the penguin hat reveals that it has run out, so Kanba tries to do it again. The hat tells him that it’s impossible, but he tries nonetheless. Shoma continues the story, where Mary is punished by the Goddess for following the advice of the dark bunnies by the loss of her youngest lamb (symbolically Himari). Kanba is unable to revive Himari, and she dies. At that moment, a man (who I’m assuming is Sanetoshi) walks in accompanied by two others as the episode ends. So much confusion…I don’t want Himari to die 😦

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