Dantalian no Shoka Episode 11

This week’s episode starts off with Huey flying around in an airplane, meeting a man named Ilas. Elsewhere, a man is shot down by a plane piloted by the one known as the Faceless Phantom. Huey then appears, identifying the pilot as Ilas and chasing after him. Huey loses control when Dalian’s key starts to drop, and Ilas misses his shot and escapes. We then move over to a scene where Ilas is talking to a bartender about a book he’s writing, and then later he meets a strange Biblioprincess. She talks to him about how Phantom Books are made, saying his book is not qualified, instead calling it an egg of a Phantom Book. She then introduces herself as a library of Raziel, saying that she wishes to help him create a Phantom Book. Flashback to a scene where Ilas is telling Huey about his past, and the first time he heard about an airplane. Ilas again attacks some airplanes, and Huey again appears, but this time, Huey has a Phantom Book with him. Huey reveals that Ilas is actually dead, having died in a bombing and shoots him down. Huey notices the Biblioprincess from earlier and another man near the wreckage, but flies off. Meanwhile, Ilas comes out of the wreckage unharmed, but his anthology has been destroyed. The man turns out to be the bartender from earlier, revealing that he was the one that brought Ilas back to life. With the anthology burned, the bartender returns Ilas to the grave. This is one of those episodes that you probably need to watch a second time to catch everything. Episode without Dalian…dunno how I feel about that.

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