No. 6

My first review of something I was posting about while it was airing. This shouldn’t be awkward. Anyways, this anime is set in a futuristic society, with utopia-like cities, including the title city No. 6, as well as ID bracelets and the like. Shion is a bright student in No. 6 who leads a rather privileged life. However, one night, he has a run-in with a strange boy who calls himself Nezumi. Nezumi is a fugitive, but Shion chooses to help him anyway. However, Shion is caught, and his life is basically ruined because of it. Fast forward a few years and Shion is working for the government because of the incident with Nezumi. One day, he and his co-worker find a strange man dead due to an unknown illness. Returning to their workplace, Shion’s co-worker soon dies of the same thing. However, Shion is taken into custody by the authorities of No. 6. Nezumi appears as Shion is being taken away and frees him from his predicament. Together, the two embark on a journey to uncover the dark secrets of No. 6. Honestly, I liked the story of this anime. I’m always a sucker for those Big Brother style shows with utopian societies. Unfortunately, I felt like the anime was too short, and the story resolved too quickly.

Story: Score 8/10

The characters in this show seemed a little lackluster to me. We find out all about Shion and Nezumi, with their complicated pasts and developing personalities, but the supporting staff remains a mystery for the most part. Of course, this probably has to do with how short the anime was, but I had a bit of a problem with it.

Characters: Score 7/10

The animation of this show looked okay to me. Nothing really jumped out at me. I noticed near the end that the fight scenes had some interesting camera focuses on Nezumi, but I didn’t really think much about it. The music for this show was good. Mellow opening and ending themes weren’t bad, but they’re not the usual sort of thing I listen to.

Animation: Score 8/10

Music: Score 8/10

So, this show wasn’t completely impressive. The premise is something I have a soft spot for, but I feel like it was rushed too much and just not that great. Shion is also really annoyingly naive.

Final Score 6/10

2 thoughts on “No. 6”

  1. I also agree that it was too short. More time in developing not only the characters, but the whole Eliyurias (spellling?) thing too. Was I the only one confused by it all? It was the backbone of the whole story, but very poorly developed. Then there was Safu. She even became a really important character but as to “why her?”, I didn’t quite get it. Although they discussed why Nezumi was so special, they didn’t mention anything about her and why she just happened to be the perfect specimen. Oh well. I guess I just gotta try to read the book as see how that goes…


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