Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 10

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Sorry for the tardiness, but I think it’s finally time to find out what happened to Shoma (after our short interlude last week). Anticlimactically, Shoma wakes up in a hospital bed (sigh…no fun) with Himari and Kanba there to greet him as he awakens. Turns out his injuries are very minor, just some bruises and bumps (very suspicious). When Kanba asks about what happened, Shoma takes the blame for the accident (even though it was really Ringo’s fault…yeesh), and Ringo overhears this. Later, Ringo apologizes to Shoma for what happened and Shoma notices the ripped diary. At that moment, Natsume walks in disguised as a nurse, drugging Shoma’s food and sending Ringo away. Shoma passes out, and Ringo returns to find that he is missing. Kanba receives a ransom text, Shoma for the other half of the diary. Ringo hands him the diary half, also telling him the truth of what happened the night before (while #1 fishes for panties…lol). However, Kanba hands the diary back to Ringo, using the GPS on Shoma’s phone to find him. Kanba acts as a decoy, going to the requested extraction point, but Natsume sees through it and fires at him. Kanba finds a music box, which he seems to recognize, but it is destroyed by Natsume. Kanba is knocked out momentarily and wakes up in a strange setting (penguin pictures everywhere!). As he walks through, he is berated by a voice that asks him to remember something, and he also sees the items that he was earlier telling Himari were bad gifts from a girl (lunchboxes, cake, sweater). Meanwhile, Ringo is called by Natsume and ordered to bring the diary now that Kanba has fallen into her trap. Ringo ends up making the drop. Back to Kanba, Kanba wanders into the room with the captured Shoma, but Natsume turns out the lights. Out of nowhere, Natsume grabs Kanba and kisses him, but disappears before the lights turn back on. The episode ends with Natsume on a train with a boy with a penguin hat, who she calls Mario. I’m assuming that he’s in a similar situation as Himari. So…anyone else completely confused? And any opinions on the slightly remixed version of the ending theme this week?

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