No. 6 Final Episode

All things come to an end, I guess. Luckily my internet problems have been resolved (hopefully for good) in time for me to finish this sucker up. As you recall, Nezumi and Shion reached the secret lab last week and found Safu there waiting for them. We cut over to a gathering the town square where everyone is ready to celebrate the anniversary of No. 6, but it soon turns into chaos as they are all killed by the parasite bees (not the bees!!). Shion is happy to see Safu, but Nezumi is not convinced and questions her. Safu reveals that the experiments with the bees were part of an attempt to gain the power of Elyurias. Shion is confused by all of this until Nezumi finally reveals that it is actually Elyurias talking, not Safu. Safu takes over for a second and finally confesses to Shion, but quickly fades. Elyurias commands Nezumi to release her by destroying the computer, but Shion tries to stop him and destroy No. 6 in his place. However, Nezumi is angered by Shion’s personality change and knocks him out. He plants the bomb on the computer and drags Shion back to the elevator, which closes before Shion can rush out to get Safu. The destruction of the computer sets off a chain reaction that starts the facility on a sort of self-destruct sequence. Shion gets angry at Nezumi and Nezumi takes the role of the bad guy in an attempt to keep Shion from changing. However, a guard points a gun at Shion and Nezumi takes the bullet. Shion surgically removes the bullet, similarly to when the two first met. However, as they try to escape through a shaft, Shion is shot in the chest. Rikiga and Inukashi find the two and they all escape. However, Shion’s wound is fatal. Nezumi refuses to leave Shion, and Rikiga and Inukashi run off, leaving them alone. Meanwhile the bees are all turning into energy and swirling into a vortex, which breaks the wall of No. 6. Nezumi regains consciousness to see Safu, holding Shion in her lap, singing the song of Elyurias. She fades into Elyurias, who also disappears and Nezumi finds his wounds all healed. You know what that means, Shion wakes up as well. Some mushy epilogue scenes after that, including Karan rushing to reunite with Shion after so long and Nezumi leaving No. 6 and Shion behind to wander off into the distance. I gotta say…if you sift past all the random yaoi moments, this was a pretty interesting show. A formal review for it will probably be coming soon.

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