Mayo Chiki Episode 11

Well, well…another show on the verge of ending. This week’s episode starts with Konoe worried about something, probably something to do with the new semester starting soon. She goes to pick up Jirou the next day on the way to school. On the way, Konoe trips and Jirou makes an unintentional boob grab, which creates a bit of an awkward moment. Also, there’s a thing with Usami…not that important. At school, Kanade is acting strangely nice, offering lunch to the two of them. Of course, we know her better than that. She spikes Konoe’s food, getting her drunk, and Konoe begins to strip in her drunken state. Jirou tries to stop her from doing anything extreme, but it backfires with Konoe attempting to tell him how she really feels and passing out before she can finish. Back in the classroom, Jirou hears Kanade hiccup (nyu?), trying to cover it up in pity by making fake hiccup noises himself. Kanade reveals that this is her only weakness (ehh?), saying that they make her seem too cute. She enlists Jirou to help her stop them, but Konoe warns him that men who hear them are cursed to become charmed by them (I don’t think I’d mind). Unfortunately, before anything can happen, Konoe finds herself charmed. Kanade and Jirou are able to stop her, and Kanade orders her to get some tools to stop her hiccups. However, this just turns out to be a trap to be alone with Jirou. She tries to question Jirou about what happened between him and Konoe, but he runs out, right into Konoe. Strangely, Kanade’s hiccups stop (such a coincidence), but Kanade trips on the stairs with Konoe falling after her. Konoe ends up okay, but Kanade sprains her ankle. Konoe gets crazy depressed from this incident, and Jirou goes to comfort her on the roof. However, Konoe’s father sees them and breaks things up, informing Konoe that she can no longer be a butler. At that moment, Kanade shows up to defend her, racing off to confront her father, but Konoe stops her and runs off with Jirou in hot pursuit. The episode ends with Konoe kissing Jirou, causing him to pass out as she runs away. Final episode approaches…big confession coming up soon probably.

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