Yuru Yuri Episode 11

This episode starts goofy, as per usual. Kyoko, Yui, and Akari reminisce to when they were kids (Kyoko’s pretty cute as a kid), telling Chinatsu about a time when they fought with a strange and obnoxious pink-haired girl (where have we seen someone like that before?). Of course, only Akari notices who the pink-haired girl actually is, and keeps it to herself. Akari, Yui, and Chinatsu start to talk about Kyoko when she was younger, saying that her attitude was much better, which causes her to storm out. However, she starts to adopt her former personality (model student). When the other girls question her, she tells them about her falling down the stairs earlier, but she is unaware of any change in her personality. They enlist the help of the student council girls to change Kyoko back (Ayano’s reaction is absolutely priceless). Unable to think of a way to fix her, everyone decides to accept the new Kyoko. However, as time goes on, they begin to miss the old Kyoko (Chizuru’s reaction to the new Kyoko is hilarious too). Eventually, Kyoko tries to end the Amusement Club, which is the final straw for Yui, who whacks Kyoko in the head and changes her back. The episode ends with Akari walking in, having fallen down the stairs, and everyone in the room draws their weapons. Say what you will, I thought this episode was genuinely hilarious (if a tad overdramatic at times).

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