Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 11

Alright, I’m tired of waiting for Ayako or IB…gonna have to suffer through Nemui’s strangely large subs. This week’s episode starts off with Alice inviting Yune to the Grand Magasin, where her brother will be hosting an exhibit on Japan. She refuses to go unless Claude gives the okay, but when they both ask, Claude refuses to allow her because the Grand Magasin is the rival of Galerie du Roy. Oscar wonders if it has something to do with the sign that he was trying to make for Gilles de Rais from last episode, but Claude shows him that Gilles de Rais bought his sign. Claude instead proposes that the three of them go out for a picnic in the park, which Yune happily agrees to. They end up having a pleasant lunch in the park (Yune’s reactions to Oscar’s “magic” are pretty funny). Oscar hands Yune a drink, which turns out to be spiked enough for Yune to get drunk (only hilarity can ensue). Later, when she sobers up, Yune randomly makes a prayer when she hears some bells ringing. When Claude asks, she reluctantly tells him that she is praying for her sister’s health. Claude doesn’t pry any further, but Yune starts to cry, which changes his mind. Yune reveals that her sister went blind, blaming herself because she prayed for it when she was little. Because of her blue eyes, Yune’s sister Shione was treated as an outcast. She hated seeing their faces when they looked in her eyes, so she and Yune begin telling others that she is blind, so she could close her eyes when others were around and they wouldn’t judge her. However, she starts to become frail and Yune fears that she has caused this. Oscar is able to cheer her up, though, by pointing out that before she “cast her spell” on Shione, Shione was suffering alone and that Yune provided a light for her. Later, Oscar asks Claude if he’s afraid of learning about Yune because he’s afraid of how he’ll feel when she leaves. Alright, another show on the brink of the end…Not sure how next week will turn out. Anyways…about iDOLM@STER…yeah, I’m just not feeling motivated to watch it.

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