Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 10

Sigh…this show. This week, we start with Maho getting really excited about practice because of the championship coming up. However, Tomoka is not quite as excited as everyone else. Subaru later reveals that Tomoka is the only one that knows that the championship is only for ten people, rather than just five. Later, some of Subaru’s high school friends tell him about a game they have set up for the girls against a team from Suzuridani Girls School, who played in the nationals. They also coerce Aoi into helping out with the girls’ training camp (totally knew that was gonna happen eventually). However, on the way to the training camp, Mihoshi suddenly falls ill, and is taken to the hospital. The rest of the group continue on to the training camp by foot. They reach the school, and the adviser insults Mihoshi for not being there, which angers everyone. She then takes everyone to an area where they will be staying…well, camping. As they are setting up their tent, a girl approaches them and introduces herself as Nobidome Manaka, the temporary coach of the other team and sister of the cold adviser from earlier. Aoi remembers her from a match that she and Subaru watched, but she is taking a break from playing do to an injury. Subaru receives a call from his mother saying that Mihoshi is okay, but needs an operation. While bathing, Manaka offers to help Aoi with Subaru. Meanwhile, Subaru scares a girl wandering around while doing pushups. He returns to the tent to find Tomoka, and the two go out together to look at the stars. The next day, the gang all go to watch the other team practice, and Subaru is surprised to find the girl from the night before on the other team (pretty sure none of us were surprised by it, though). The girl arrogantly bashes the girls, also revealing that they can’t compete in any official matches because they don’t have ten people on the team, which causes Maho to rush out when she finds out that Subaru and Tomoka knew this. Drama…that is all

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