Dantalian no Shoka Episode 9

Alright, this week, we see some interesting animation as Huey and Dalian approach the Michaux Fortress. We are introduced to a girl named Ira, who is under the care of the village elder. We also find out about people being eaten by bugs at Michaux Fortress, which Ira identifies as Baziumu. The knights have come to ask the elder for Elegans to face the Baziumu, and the elder reluctantly agrees. The elder asks Ira to gather some leaves from a certain tree, and as she rushes to find it, she runs into Huey and Dalian. She tells them about the Baziumu, but Dalian tells her that any effort to fight them is futile. Ira tells the two where they can find some books, and they separate. She returns to the elder, who gives her a charm to protect her as she goes into town to check on the guy she likes, Tito. As she reaches the town, multiple explosions occur. The Baziumu are flying around the town, and Ira throws the charm at one, but it is ineffective. Huey and Dalian show up, though, to save her. Dalian figures out that the Baziumu were attracted by the books on a fallen cart, and finds that the cart bears the seal of Galeazzo, which worries her. They rush up the mountain to find the villagers, as well as one of the knights from before, Gianni, holding a sword to the elder, angry that the elder had waited to give them elegans. However, Ira tells them about elegans not working, and she is defended by Tito. At that moment, Huey and Dalian get everyone’s attention as the Baziumu show up. Huey reaches into Dalian’s chest and reads from the Phantom Book, causing all the bugs to disappear. With that, Huey and Dalian disappear, revealing that they were actually inside the world of a book that whole time (explaining the weird animation). Kind of a neat premise for this episode. The animation reminded me a bit of FLCL…

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